We power impact-focused entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship, software, and technology will play an essential part over the next decades to preserve the world's natural and social capital.Our team built successful industry-defining ventures over multiple decades, invested in 120+ startups, and supported dozens of founding teams on the startup journey.We are here to support unstoppable founders and projects working where it matters most: solving the climate crisis and regenerating earth.

What We Do

One of the world’s most pressing needs is to ease and reverse the climate emergency. Software and technology will play an essential part over the next decades in this process of healing our planet.We believe in building a lasting rebellion against the status quo: A new generation of entrepreneurs and teams who use technology to design, deploy, and scale systems and companies that have regeneration, climate awareness, and real-world impact at their core.Our team conceived, built and grew large-scale, global software systems for decades - used by millions of companies on this planet to this day. We founded and bootstrapped companies. We raised $100s of millions in capital. We built financial software used by the largest corporations on this planet. We coined the term "Decentralized Finance". We have operational experience as cross-functional founders, led as CxOs, advise startups, are board-members, support in fundraising, have a large network of angels and VC, and, most importantly, care about the people we work with.Today, we pay it forward to other founders and the planet. We use our experience, network, and the lessons learned along the way to support teams who are building this crucial generation of technologies to save our planet.Are you one of these founders? We want to hear from you!Want to learn more about us and our funds - go here?

The Team

Our team holds a unique blend of serial entrepreneurs and investors who have built and backed more than 120 companies and organizations through good and bad times.The Core Team
Earth is led by Maex Ament and Philip Stehlik who bring two decades of serial founder and operational experience to the teams they work with. They founded and built Centrifuge, Taulia (now part of SAP), Ebydos (acquired 2006), and operate operate Earth's angel fund Fos Finance. The projects they supported range from early fintech, over b2b, to crypto projects across ReFi, DeFi, and foundational building blocks of decentralization. For the last years they solely focus on climate and impact-related companies and teams - enabling the next generation of founders to build world-changing products and companies.
Our Funds
Our angel fund Fos Finance writes the very first checks for founders and teams using software to fight the climate emergency. This can be fintech, carbon capture solutions, climate-data platforms, decentralized baselayers to accelerate climate protection, dMRV solutions, and more.

Calling all rebels!

If you are a founder, building the next generation of software technology to solve the climate crisis: we want to hear from you!

Some of our portfolio of companies: